We have worked with thousands of clients over the years and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you. Below are some testimonials of people sharing their experience with TK Wine.

My experience with TK wine was simple, fast, and pleasant. I had a number of early 90’s vintage Dominus wines I had come into possession of and was at a loss of what to do with. I called their number during their regular business hours and was immediately taken care of. Within minutes, we had worked out a list of the vintages I was looking to sell, and a price was offered. I delivered my wines personally the next day and was paid immediately. If you’re looking to part with some quality liquors, TK Wine is an easy way to do it!

After a recent series of events Ihad to liquidate a few select bottles from my wine collection. Some of the pieces I had to part with were valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. I asked for an estimate on my bottles and was met with a reply within a day. We arranged for shipping options and I had the promised materials within another few days. They were high quality and immediately put many of my fears to rest. They received the bottles within a few more days and after the inspections were done I was paid via bank transfer. In sum total, it took a little over a week for me to sell my wine and be paid. I would recommend TK Wine highly.

I sold a single bottle of DRC La Tache to TK Wine in order to get an anniversary gift last minute for my wife. It took only a few days from first contact to have my $1400 in hand. I was able to avoid a fight with the wife and give her an anniversary to remember because of TK Wine!

If you want to sell high end bottles of wine, you can’t go wrong with TK Wine! I brought a few select bottles for appraisal in their offices – three bottles of Chateau including a Mouton, a Lafite and a Latour. What I was met with were some of the kindest and most professional folks I have encountered in this industry. Their dedication to their craft and passion for their customers was apparent. Within a few hours, my bottles were fully appraised by certified experts at over $2400. I have never had such a simple, pleasant selling interaction with anyone.

I recently came into a bottle of 2010 Romanee Conti which was valued by TK Wines at roughly $7,000. The expert at TK Wine came out to Napa to buy the wine from me and made the whole thing incredibly interesting. Not only did he come out to buy the wine from me in person, saving me the hassle of driving it to them or shipping it, but they offered me the highest price on it that I had been offered!I was even paid on the same day that I made the inquiry. A good day all in all, I’d say. I will recommend TK Wine to my friends who collect.


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